A Device for Measuring Electrical Properties of Dielectric Materials

Abstract: A device was developed for measuring the electrical properties of ceramic and other solid dielectric materials, at frequencies from 10-3 to at least 106 Hz and over a temperature range of 85-500 K. Details of the design and construction of the sample holder are given. This set up makes use of a commercially available cryostat, which has been altered to utilize our sample holder, featuring short leads. Special attention was paid to use inexpensive materials and cooling agent. To reach sample temperatures as low as possible, one of the sample holder electrodes was directly connected to the cryostat’s cooler. Data are presented for illustrative measurements of the complex electric properties of a BaTiO3 sample between 85 and 500 K. The properties of this particular sample span over ten orders of magnitude of impedance within the measured ten orders of magnitude of frequency.

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