I teach the folowing courses:

054373 Introduction to Solid State Chemistry for Engineers

Syllabus: Crystal structures; Bonding in solids; Crystallography and diffraction techniques; Microscopy, spectroscopy, thermal analysis; Crystal defects and non-stoichiometry, application: selective membranes; Solid solutions; Interpretation of phase diagrams; Electrical properties; Magnetic and optical properties; Synthesis methods.

One semester, 2 weekly hours lecture and 1 weekly hour exercise.

Main books:

1. A.R. West, Basic Solid State Chemistry, John Wiley and Sons, 2nd edition, Wiley 1999.

2. L. Smart & E. Moore, Solid State Chemistry: An Introduction, 4th edition, CRC Press, 2012.

(A more advanced version of this course for graduate students has been developed and is planned to be given in winter 17/18 semester).

054215 Thermodynamics A

Syllabus: basic concepts; energy and the first law; internal energy; heat transfer and energy calculations; enthalpy; the first law for open systems; kinetic theory; equation of states; the second law; Carnot theorem; entropy; thermodynamic properties especially in a single phase system; thermodynamic diagrams and tables; heat engines and refrigerators.

One semester, 2 weekly hours lecture and 2 weekly hours exercise.

Main books:

1. J.M. Smith, H.C. Van Ness and M.M. Abott, Introduction to chemical engineering

thermodynamics, McGraw-Hill, 6th edition 2001 and on.

2. S.I. Sandler, Chemical and engineering thermodynamics, Wiley, 3rd edition 1999 and on.

518002 National and international challenges in energy

Syllabus: The course considers several clean energy technologies and discusses barriers for their realization. The participants will experience in gathering relevant information and its critical analysis, discuss the problems’ scale, and options for sustainable energy future. Active participation is mandatory.

One semester, 2 weekly hours of ’round table’ discussions.