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Hasimla Hasegula:

July, 2016

My first attempt with chromatic harmonica. With Doron Ophir at the piano and some funny photobombs by various kibbutz members

Chopin C# minor nocturne

May 2005

On September 1939, the Polish State Radio broadcasted Chopin’s C sharp minor nocturne, performed by the Jewish talented pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman (1911-2000). This broadcast was interrupted by the Nazi’s bombardment that forced the closing of the radio. On 1945, the holocaust survivor Szpilman reopened the broadcast with the C sharp minor nocturne. The excellent movie “The Pianist” by Roman Polanski is based on Szpilman’s story and book. When I heard that story, I thought that playing this gem of romanticism in Israel, 60 years after the end of that war, worth some effort. I asked the video team of my kibbutz and they came one evening with three cameras and enough patience to film my performance. This was broadcasted at kibbutz Mishmar Ha’emeq’s internal video magazine on the May 7th weekend. Camera: Yehuda Talmi, Yehuda Moshkovitz and Yoel Korenblitt. Special thanks to Yoel who also did the editing job.

The 200th anniversary of two giants

February, 2009

On February 2009, my wife an I produced an event to mark the 200th anniversary of two giants: Charles Darwin and Felix Mendelssohn. From this event you can watch two clips on YouTube where I perform pieces by Mendelssohn. Of course you may find much better performances of those out there, but, hey, I am not a professional pianist…

The first one is Album blatt opus 117, here:

The second one is the rondo capriccioso opus 14, here: