Prof. Yoed Tsur

Prof. Yoed Tsur received his PhD degree in Physics from the Technion, 1998, and then spent two years in Penn State University, as a postdoctoral scholar in Materials Research Lab. He has been awarded the Goldberg prize for energy research and Yanai citation, Technion. Since 2000 he is a faculty member at the Chemical Engineering Department, Technion.
Prof. Tsur serves as the director of the Stephen and Nancy Grand Technion Energy Program (GTEP), a campus-wide multidisciplinary program that supports ambitious projects in various areas of energy research, and focuses on renewable energy research. In addition, Prof. Tsur is the head of a special program of ME in energy engineering with specialization in oil and gas. He serves on the editorial boards of Solid State Ionics and Journal of Ceramic Science and Technology.